Mistletoe Injections: A Holistic Approach to Cancer Treatment and Support

Understanding the Science and Benefits of Mistletoe in Complementary Oncology


Cancer is a complex and often devastating disease where traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be harsh and debilitating. But what if there was a gentler, more natural approach to cancer treatment that could be used alongside conventional therapies like mistletoe injections?

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The History of Mistletoe in Medicine

Mistletoe has been used for centuries in different cultures for its medicinal properties. Ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as the Druids, believed in the healing powers of mistletoe. Fast forward to modern times, and research on mistletoe’s potential health benefits continues to grow.

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Our integrative oncology specialists can recommend a customized mistletoe injection therapy plan to support and complement your cancer treatment.

How do Mistletoe Injections Work?

Mistletoe contains several active compounds, such as lectins and viscotoxins, which are thought to have potential therapeutic effects. These compounds work together to stimulate the immune system, improve cellular function, and potentially inhibit tumor growth.

Mistletoe Injections for Cancer Treatment

Mistletoe injections have been used in the treatment of various types of cancers. It also supports natural killer cell-mediated tumor cell lysis and stimulates the immune system.

According to National Cancer Institute, mistletoe is a potential anticancer agent with its ability to kill cancer cells in lab studies, and down-regulate cell migration and invasion.

Benefits of Mistletoe Injections

Mistletoe injections potential benefits include improved quality of life, reduced side effects from chemotherapy, and potential anti-tumor effects. Many patients report an increased sense of well-being and better tolerance of conventional cancer treatments.

Some of the type of cancers where Mistletoe Injections were found effective and safe as an aftercare are:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer

Mistletoe injections as a complementary therapy to conventional cancer treatments

Integrative oncology combines conventional and alternative therapies to create personalized treatment plans for cancer patients. Mistletoe injections are complementary therapy that is used alongside conventional therapy treatments under the guidance of a healthcare professional, making it a key component in integrative cancer therapy.

Fever Induction Therapy with IV Mistletoe

In addition to regular mistletoe injections, we also offer IV fever induction mistletoe therapy. This involves high dose IV mistletoe infusions given daily for 3 days to purposely induce a fever to help trigger an intense anti-cancer immune response.

During the treatment, our providers closely supervise patients 24/7 and are available by cell phone for any emergencies. Fees for the 3-day fever induction therapy are $3,000 and include:

  • High dose IV mistletoe infusion daily for 3 days
  • Around the clock supervision from our healthcare providers
  • Access to provider’s cell phone for emergency contact during treatment

Mistletoe therapy as a complementary approach helps stimulate the body’s own immune defenses to fight cancer at multiple levels. When properly administered under medical guidance, it can offer valuable benefits as an adjunct to conventional cancer treatments.

Risks and Side Effects of Mistletoe Injections

While mistletoe injections are generally well-tolerated, some side effects may occur. Mild side effects include redness, swelling, and itching at the injection site. In rare cases, more serious side effects like allergic reactions or infections may occur. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider before starting mistletoe injections and follow their recommendations for proper use.

The Role of Mistletoe Injections in Palliative Care

In palliative care, mistletoe injections are used to provide supportive care and help manage symptoms such as pain, fatigue, and loss of appetite. This can lead to improved quality of life for patients with advanced cancer.

How to Get Mistletoe Injections

To get mistletoe injections, consult with one of our healthcare professionals. We will assess your individual needs and help determine if mistletoe injections are an appropriate treatment option for you. Get your free consultation from SeeBeyond today!

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Mistletoe Protocol and Pricing:


  • Titrate weekly from 1mg to 40mg
  • Frequency: 2-3 times a week
  • Cost: $50-$75 per shot depending on dosage


  • Titrate weekly up to 1000mg
  • Frequency: 2 times a week for treatment, once a week for maintenance, 3 times a week for aggressive metastatic cancer
  • Duration: 3 months then pause to assess treatment progress
  • Cost:
    • Basic Dose (<50mg) – $250/session
    • High Dose (60mg – 100mg)- $350/session
    • Max Dose (100mg – 200mg)- $500/session
    • Add on 100mg: $200

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are mistletoe injections safe?

Mistletoe injections are generally well-tolerated, but side effects can occur. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting treatment.

Can mistletoe injections replace chemotherapy?

No, mistletoe injections should not be considered a replacement for conventional cancer treatments. They can be used in conjunction with these treatments for potential additional benefits.

How are mistletoe injections administered?

Mistletoe injections are given subcutaneously (under the skin). The frequency of treatment varies depending on the individual patient and their specific needs.

Do mistletoe injections have any proven anti-cancer effects?

Some studies revealed the potential anti-tumor effects of mistletoe injections but more research is still needed to fully understand their efficacy. Mistletoe injection is considered a complementary therapy rather than a standalone cancer treatment.

How can I get in touch with SeeBeyond Medicine for Mistletoe injections?

If you are interested in obtaining mistletoe injections from SeeBeyond Medicine, you can call us at +1-914-722-9440 or send us a message. Our practitioners will be available to get your call or message and will answer your concerns immediately.

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