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The Greenwich, CT office is the headquarters for our Greenwich, CT service area and surrounding areas:

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At SeeBeyond Medicine, we provide integrative, functional and concierge medicine focused on optimizing your wellbeing. 

Our vision is to treat each person holistically by understanding how the mind, body and spirit interact. We want to get to the root cause of your health issues rather than just managing symptoms. Our goal is to promote lifelong wellness through natural and sustainable solutions.

Many people today feel like just another number in the healthcare system, spending a few minutes with a doctor who follows the same one-size-fits-all approach for everyone. You deserve so much more. 

At SeeBeyond Medicine, we believe your health and happiness should be top priorities. That’s why we offer virtually unlimited time with our physicians during consultations and take a customized, whole-person approach to your care.   

We integrate conventional medical practices with complementary wellness therapies based on your unique needs, values and health goals. 

Whether you prefer traditional medicine, an alternative approach or a blend of both, we can develop a tailored treatment plan in partnership with you. 

Our patients include people dealing with chronic illnesses, those looking to lose weight naturally, reduce dependency on medications, sleep better or simply feel their best. 

We stay firmly grounded in evidence-based medicine yet open to different philosophies of health and healing.

Our Experienced Physicians Provide Advanced Care

Our double board-certified physicians have additional certifications in Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine. 

This means they utilize cutting-edge laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging and scientific therapies to understand your body at a cellular level. They can uncover root causes of symptoms that may be missed by conventional tests alone. 

Physicians spend significant time reviewing your results, medical history and lifestyle to develop highly personalized treatment plans based on your unique genetics, environment and habits. 

They help patients reduce disease risks, eliminate health obstacles and optimize wellness. Our natural, whole-body solutions have enabled many people to overcome chronic illnesses, lose weight, improve sleep, boost energy and enjoy life more fully.  

Our partnerships with top specialists provide access to the best care across all disciplines. 

Your health journey is a collaborative process. We listen to understand your full story, discuss options in depth and decide on the safest, most effective paths forward together. 

Using the latest medical research along with time-tested alternative therapies, we can help you achieve and maintain health at any stage of life. 

Discover Personalized Care

Our team of health experts is dedicated to providing care that’s tailored to your unique needs. Schedule your consultation to experience personalized care today!

Experience Integrative Medicine at its Best

Call 1-914-722-9440 or book your free initial consultation online to discover how we can help open you up to a new world of wellness. 

Speak with one of our expert staff to discuss your health concerns, goals and the services that may benefit you most. Learn how our comprehensive, whole-person care can help you overcome obstacles, reduce symptoms and feel your best again. 

Our concierge medicine program provides you with privileged access to our physicians and customized care services. Members enjoy direct contact with their dedicated doctor anytime, priority appointments, health coaching, and more. Experience what personalized, high-quality medical care should be.

Your health journey is a continuous one. Wherever you may be on the path, we can help guide your next steps. The future of medicine is preventive, predictive and personalized.

A Lifetime of Wellness Awaits

We want every person to have the opportunity to live life fully energized and empowered. Wellness is about enjoying each day with an open heart and clear mind. Our mission is to provide you with the compassionate support and advanced solutions necessary to thrive.

Are you ready to become your healthiest self? 

To beat disease before it happens, age vibrantly, feel whole in body and spirit? Are you prepared for a personal guide to walk each step with you – listening, caring, partnering to help you flourish? 

The path now widens. Your journey begins here.

Call us today. Speak with our team. Learn how integrative, functional and concierge medicine can open you to new potentials for wellbeing. 

See beyond the limits of sickness towards the endless horizon of health. A bright future. A lifetime of wellness. 

This we wish for you, and more. 

We look forward to supporting your vibrant life at SeeBeyond Medicine. There are no limits for those with the vision to see beyond. 

Call today – your lifetime of wellness awaits!

Your Health, Our Mission

Your health is our mission. Experience our commitment to your wellness by scheduling a consultation today!

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