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What is Seebeyond?  How is Seebeyond different?

Seebeyond is a next generation functional medicine practice that blends evidence based medicine and concierge medicine. It’s an open minded approach and a smarter way to do medicine.

Evidence based medicine means we stick with science.

Using a Functional medicine approach, we look for the root cause of disease instead of just treating the symptoms. We figure out the whys and educate long term lifestyle changes so that patients stay active, healthy and strong. We give our patients control over their weight and aging.

With concierge medicine, we deliver fast and efficient medical care without barriers. Our patients get our doctor’s cell phone number to be able to contact them 24/7 in case of emergencies.

We strive to prevent proactively instead of reacting to disease.

We are also different from holistic doctors as we are all board certified physicians with 4 years of medical school and 4 years of residency, we are firmly grounded in evidence based medicine, scientific research and can prescribe medication when needed. Above all, what is really unique to Seebeyond Medicine, is the heart of the people who are doing the healing. We all go above and beyond for our patients.

“SeeBeyond” was founded with three philosophical foundations.

1. Every man should be seen and heard. No one should feel like they are just a medical diagnosis. We are SeeBeyond Medicine because we see you for who you are and discover the whole you that exists behind the disease and/or symptom. Every individual has a combination of both physical, mental and spiritual properties that are not separate. The practitioner must focus on the unique characteristics of each patient based on the interaction between their body, mind and spirit. We take the time to get to know each patient. We aim to know what is happening in many aspects of their lives including stress, work, family, relationships, diet, exercise, alterations in mood, major life changes and any past trauma. At SeeBeyond you are no longer just the medical diagnosis or your constellation of symptoms.

2. We see through every patient’s healing journey and do not give up on them. We do not brush off our patient’s various symptoms to depression and throw her a pill. As we work to build a therapeutic relationship with you and figure out the root cause of your illness, we support you on your true journey toward health. We pride ourselves in forming a trusting relationship with our clients in a holistic, individualized way where we become their true partners in the patient’s health. We act as their advocate in navigating the complicated health care system, educator, mentor, role model and most importantly healer. By taking the time to get to know our clients and working collaboratively, we set short-and-long term health goals and make it manageable for the client to succeed. We provide above and beyond care, treating everyone as our family and making them feel comfortable in their medical home.

3. We see beyond medicine. We do not believe in just prescribing a pharmaceutical band-aid. We will not just treat high cholesterol with statins. We will not treat diabetes with insulin only. We will not treat the common cold with antibiotics as a knee jerk reaction. We integrate conventional and complementary methods of treatment and prevention for the health and wellbeing of our patients, firmly grounded in evidence-based medicine and science.

At the foundation of SeeBeyond’s process is “14 weeks Discovery,” an initial analysis encompassing every element of clinical data where true understanding of how and why happens. Genetic and biochemical imbalances and root cause of symptoms and disease are uncovered using Functional Medicine testings. Following every diagnostic testing, including genetics, blood, urine, saliva and stool, a personalized treatment plan is created with the full support of the SeeBeyond team. Treatment always starts with foundational lifestyle modifications, mainly elimination diet, supplements, detoxification and expands into IV therapy, peptides, hormone replacement and regenerative medicine.

The practice maintains the philosophy that healing is always possible. We see beyond your race, weight, age, sex, sexual orientation and even your terminal medical diagnosis to take you to your next level of health. Compassion, empathy, understanding and listening from the practitioner accelerate this healing process and help to create an environment where miracles can occur. There is always hope.

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