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We are a different medical practice. We strive to see you clearly.

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You deserve a better doctor! Finally get answers for your health.

We see you holistically. We discover your body and mind through genetics and bio-makers.We see you beyond your age, weight, and chronic illness.We see your potential and possibility for a healthy future.

What are you suffering from?


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Gut Issues

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Memory Loss /
Brain Fog

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Memory Loss /
Brain Fog

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Chronic Pain

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Joint Pain

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Depression /

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Low Sex Drive

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Hot Flashes /
Night Sweats

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Functional Medicine

Seebeyond Medicine offers cutting edge Functional Medicine Testing to discover your “root cause” of your disease. Our doctors are board certified in Functional Medicine, Integrative Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine. We are here to solve your problem.

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We are here to solve your problem.

Are you tired all the time or having trouble losing weight?

Are you depressed, anxious and losing sleep?

Do you want to treat your health concerns holistically?

Are you suffering from a chronic illness that conventional medicine doctors are merely medicating?

Would you like to focus on prevention of disease to give yourself a healthy future?

Do you have cancer and want more options besides chemotherapy and radiation?

Are you experiencing any concerning symptoms/disease and want to know why?

Do you want to know how to finally heal and feel better?

Real Patient Reviews

“Dr. Lee is terrific! She is exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of functional medicine and takes a great deal of care in really listening to the patients. I have sent a few other people I know to see her over the last couple of months…one with a tough case needing chelation…and everyone has raved about her. She is fair-minded, collaborative in her approach and really connects with the patients on a meaningful level.”

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With advancing technology we are proud to offer Telemedicine for any of our patients that do not live close by or travel often and have difficulty coming into our office.You can communicate with our providers via phone, video sessions and email to meet your needs.If you are interested in Telemedicine let us know. We are happy to accommodate you.

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