Harrison, NY


Harrison is a town in Westchester County, New York, United States, 22 miles northeast of Manhattan. 


Harrison was established in 1696 by a patent granted by the British government to John Harrison and three others, who had a year earlier bargained with local Native Americans to purchase an area of land above Westchester Path and below Rye Lake. 

The first permanent residents of Harrison’s Purchase arrived in about 1725, and many early settlers were Quakers. Harrison’s Purchase was administered jointly by the settlers of Rye until it was incorporated as a town on March 7, 1788

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Harrison, NY, located in Westchester County, boasts a population of 28.4k individuals, the vast majority of whom are American citizens at a rate of 88.5%. According to data compiled in 2020, 22.2% of Harrison residents, roughly 6.3k people, were born outside of the United States.

In terms of racial demographics, Harrison is predominantly White (Non-Hispanic), with 20.7k individuals representing this group, which is 9.06 times higher than any other race or ethnicity in the area. 

The second and third most common ethnic groups are Asian (Non-Hispanic) and White (Hispanic), with 2.28k and 1.76k residents, respectively. These statistics provide valuable insights into the diverse makeup of Harrison’s population.


In 2020, Harrison, NY universities awarded 1,907 degrees to a student population that was predominantly female, with 3,735 female students and 2,381 male students. 

The most common ethnicity among students graduating from these universities was White (1,002 and 55.2%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (371 and 20.4%), Black or African American (195 and 10.7%), and Unknown (120 and 6.61%). 

The three largest universities in Harrison, NY in terms of number of degrees awarded were SUNY at Purchase College (1,085 and 56.9%), Manhattanville College (789 and 41.4%), and Southern Westchester BOCES-Practical Nursing Program (33 and 1.73%). 

Popular majors in Harrison, NY included General Psychology (111 and 5.82%), Liberal Arts & Sciences (106 and 5.56%), and General Special Education & Teaching (77 and 4.04%). Median tuition costs in Harrison, NY were $38,880 for private four-year colleges, and $7,070 and $16,980 for in-state and out-of-state students respectively, for public four-year colleges.


In the year 2020, a majority of the workforce in Harrison, NY (54.3%) preferred the solo driving option to get to work, followed by 23.6% who chose to use public transit, and 9.66% who worked from home. 

The average commute time for Harrison employees stood at 31.6 minutes, which is longer than the national average (26.9 minutes). Interestingly, a small fraction (3.6%) of the workforce in this location has to endure “super commutes” exceeding 90 minutes. 

These figures paint a clear picture of the commuting habits of Harrison workers, and reveal certain trends that could be useful for companies and the community as a whole to take note of.


In Harrison, NY, an impressive 96.4% of the population is covered by some form of health insurance. Of those insured, 67.2% are on employee plans, 7.14% are on Medicaid, 10.1% are on Medicare, 11.7% are on non-group plans, and 0.338% are on military or VA plans.

Meanwhile, per capita personal health care spending in New York has been on the rise, increasing by 4.57% from the previous year to reach $9,778 in 2014.

When it comes to primary care, Westchester County, NY is home to physicians who see an average of 719 patients per year, which represents a 1.24% decrease from the previous year. For comparison, dentists in the area see 885 patients per year, while mental health providers see 248 patients per year.

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Points of Interest

Harrison, NY offers a variety of attractions for visitors to explore. One can visit the local parks, such as Silver Lake Park or Passidomo Park, which offer scenic views and recreational activities. Additionally, the Harrison Public Library and Harrison House Museum provide opportunities to learn about the town’s history and culture.

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