RYE, NY is a picturesque town nestled along the Long Island Sound, just a short train ride away from New York City. With its charming downtown area, stunning waterfront views, and rich history, Rye offers the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city convenience. 

Whether you’re strolling along the beach, exploring the local parks and nature preserves, or indulging in the town’s vibrant dining scene, there’s something for everyone in Rye. So come discover this hidden gem for yourself and experience all that Rye, NY has to offer.


In the year 2020, the charming city of Rye in New York state was home to a population of 15.8 thousand individuals, with a median age of 42.9 and a median household income of $193,919. Although the population decreased slightly by 0.322% from 2019 to 2020, the median household income experienced a 0.639% increase to reach $193,919.

The five largest ethnic groups in Rye are White (Non-Hispanic) with 78.4% of the population, followed by Asian (Non-Hispanic) at 6.16%, White (Hispanic) at 5.42%, Two+ (Hispanic) at 2.86%, and Two+ (Non-Hispanic) at 2.38%.

Interestingly, none of the households in Rye reported speaking a non-English language at home as their primary shared language, although it’s important to note that this only takes into account the primary self-reported language spoken by all members of the household.

Another fascinating fact is that 90.8% of Rye’s residents are U.S. citizens. Overall, Rye boasts a diverse, yet predominantly White population with a high median household income, making it an attractive place to live for many.

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In the year 2020, statistics revealed that a small percentage of the working population had not attained any academic degree. Specifically, only 1.36% of men over the age of 25 had not completed any schooling, while 1.5% of women were in the same situation. 

On the other hand, High School or Equivalent was the most common level of education achieved among the working population, with a staggering 4.01 million individuals having attained this degree. Additionally, 3.13 million individuals had earned their Bachelors Degree, while 2.8 million had completed Some College. 


In Rye, NY, an impressive 98.5% of the population enjoys health coverage, with the majority (72.7%) on employee plans, followed by 11.5% on Medicare and 10.7% on non-group plans. Additionally, a small percentage (3.55%) rely on Medicaid, while an even smaller percentage (0.0831%) are on military or VA plans.

Moving on to per capita personal health care spending in New York, the figures show a steady increase of 4.57% from the previous year, with a total of $9,778 spent per person in 2014.

In terms of primary care physicians in Westchester County, NY, the average number of patients seen per year has decreased slightly from 728 to 719. This is in contrast to dentists who see an average of 885 patients per year, and mental health providers who see 248 patients per year.


In the bustling town of Rye, New York, a staggering 41.6% of the workforce opt to drive alone to their places of employment, followed closely by those who use public transportation (31.8%) and a substantial portion who have the privilege of working from home (17%). 

On average, the hardworking employees of Rye endure a longer commute time of 39.3 minutes, which exceeds the national average of 26.9 minutes. An even more alarming statistic reveals that 6.01% of the workforce in Rye, NY face “super commutes” that last for more than 90 minutes.

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Points of Interest

Visiting Rye, NY is a must for anyone seeking a charming and historic experience. The town’s picturesque streets and architecture transport visitors back in time to the colonial era. 

A visit to the Jay Heritage Center, home to the founding father John Jay, is a must-see attraction. The Playland amusement park is also a popular destination, offering thrilling rides and a beach. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, the Rye Nature Center provides an opportunity to explore the local flora and fauna. 

The Rye Arts Center and the Square House Museum are also worth a visit for those interested in the arts and history. Rye is also home to a variety of delicious restaurants, offering everything from classic American fare to international cuisine. With its rich history and diverse attractions, Rye, NY is a destination that should not be missed.

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