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A Village Rich in History and Tradition

Situated alongside the breathtaking Bronx River, the vibrant village of Bronxville exudes affluence and history, captivating visitors with its lively streets and energetic charm. 

Founded over 350 years ago in 1666 by Dutch settlers, the village was officially incorporated in 1898 and named after the Bronx River that winds its way through the community

The village of Bronxville was originally part of the town of Yonkers but separated to become part of Eastchester in the early 20th century. 

During the Gilded Age, Bronxville developed into a fashionable summer retreat for wealthy New Yorkers, attracted by its convenient rail access to Manhattan and idyllic small-town atmosphere.   

Today, Bronxville’s historical village’s cape of gracious mansions, carefully preserved by the village’s historic preservation regulations, offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the early 20th century. 

Striking architectural gems like the Bronxville Women’s Club, built in the Georgian Revival style in 1927, and the Beaux-Arts style Bronxville Public Library dating back to 1907, transport visitors back in time.

With exclusive enclaves like the Lawrence Park Historic District and a lineage tracing back to the family patriarch who founded the village, Bronxville proudly honors its traditions while continuing to attract new residents seeking an upscale suburban lifestyle with an ease of access to all that nearby New York City has to offer. 

The village’s history and heritage, evident on every  street and in every graceful structure, remain one of its greatest charms.

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An Exclusive Enclave of Wealth and Education   

With a total population of just over 6,600 according to the 2020 census, Bronxville truly lives up to its reputation as an exclusive enclave for the affluent

The median age in this tranquil haven is 41 years, and the median household income an astonishing $160,845 – making Bronxville the second richest town in all of New York state behind only Scarsdale.    

Visitors to Bronxville are immediately struck by the homogeneous demographic makeup, with 87% of residents identifying as white. Only 4.4% of the population is Asian, while Hispanics and African Americans each comprise less than 3.5% of residents. The population is also remarkable for its high level of education, as over 80% of locals hold at least a bachelor’s degree.  

Families flock to the idyllic streets of Bronxville for access to the village’s exceptional schools and classic suburban lifestyle. 

The average family income in this upscale suburb is more than double the national average, reflecting the abundance of well-paid professional jobs in nearby New York City.

Yet despite the high costs, residents consider Bronxville an affordable price to pay for membership in one of the wealthiest towns in the nation.

An Elite Education within Reach    

Bronxville residents are fiercely protective of what they consider one of their greatest assets: the excellent Bronxville Union Free School District. The district includes a Pre-K-5 elementary school, 6-8 middle school, and 9-12 high school.    

The high school in particular has produced countless success stories and consistently ranks among the nation’s top public schools. 

Graduates routinely gain admission to the most selective universities, and the school’s standardized test scores, Advanced Placement pass rates, and college matriculation percentages surpass those of all but a few school districts in the state.     

In addition to the highly rated public schools, Bronxville is also home to Concordia College, a small private liberal arts institution. And Sarah Lawrence College, another elite private school, is just a few miles away across the border in the village of Bronxville.    

The concentration of top-notch educational options at every level makes Bronxville an ideal destination for families seeking the very best for their children.  

The exclusive enclave has a decades-long reputation for producing polished, well-rounded graduates who go on to make notable contributions both locally and far beyond the tranquil village borders.

A Healthy Body and Mind

When it comes to maintaining good health, Bronxville residents have plenty of options right in their own backyard. Lawrence Hospital, part of the esteemed NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System, is located in the heart of the village. 

The 288-bed facility offers a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services, from emergency care and intensive care to maternity services, cardiology, and women’s health programs.  

In addition to the full-service hospital, the village is also home to numerous private medical practices and clinics specializing in areas like family medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. 

Residents benefit from easy access to both general practitioners and specialists, ensuring high-quality medical attention is never far away.

The village also boasts numerous parks and recreational facilities where residents can stay active and enjoy the outdoors. 

The Bronx River Reservation Parkway provides over 800 acres of woods, trails, and green spaces, while residential neighborhood parks offer convenient spots for children to play. With its abundance of health care options, natural beauty, and high standards of living, Bronxville fosters a culture of wellness where residents can truly thrive in body, mind and spirit.

Easy Access In and Out

While Bronxville offers a small-town lifestyle of walkable streets and quiet neighborhoods, the village also provides convenient access to the outer world. Located just 15 miles north of Manhattan, Bronxville is seamlessly connected to New York City via multiple transportation options.    

The Metro-North Harlem Line stops at the village’s own Bronxville train station, providing frequent direct service into Grand Central Terminal. 

The commute takes under 30 minutes, making Bronxville an ideal location for professionals who work in the city but desire a more relaxed pace of life outside the urban chaos.   

Residents can also easily access the major highways that surround Bronxville, namely the Bronx River Parkway, Cross County Parkway, and Saw Mill River Parkway. These arteries provide rapid connections to all corners of the region.    

Several public bus lines operated by the Bee-Line Bus System stop within the village, offering connections to nearby towns and transportation hubs.

In sum, Bronxville’s easy access by both rail and road ensures that residents can enjoy the best of both worlds: a comfortable small-town lifestyle complemented by the opportunities and amenities that New York City has to offer. 

The short commute times allow Bronxville to truly function as a suburb of Manhattan, while still retaining its own unique character and charm.

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Points of Interest for Locals and Visitors Alike

Bronxville’s picturesque villagescape and historic architecture make it a pleasurable place to stroll, but the village also boasts a number of specific points of interest that attract both residents and visitors.  

The Bronxville Women’s Club, perched elegantly on a hilltop overlooking the village, is a social hub and community gathering place. The Georgian Revival-style clubhouse, built in 1927, also hosts concerts, lectures, and other cultural events open to the public.   

The village’s historic auditorium, built in 1926, continues to showcase live theater performances and concerts that enrich the cultural life of Bronxville. The auditorium evokes the golden age of jazz and big band music that once permeated the village.    

For children and families, Sagamore Park and Armour Villa Park offer green playgrounds and playfields where young residents can romp to their heart’s content.  

Meanwhile Main Street, perennially ranked among the best shopping districts in Westchester, tempts residents with upscale boutiques, gourmet grocery stores, fine restaurants, and cafes that cater to luxurious tastes.

In all these ways and more, Bronxville offers residents a high quality of life as well as an active social scene steeped in tradition yet continually refreshed by the creativity and resources of nearby New York City. For visitors, the village presents a snapshot of small-town charm and old-money elegance that seems lifted from a bygone era.

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