Episode 183 – Metabolic Syndrome: You CAN Reverse It with Dr. Joon Lee of See Beyond Medicine – YouTube

Dr. Joon Lee is the founder and medical director of SeeBeyond Medicine, a next-generation medical practice offering uniquely integrated and comprehensive personalized care. Imbalances and root causes of symptoms and disease are uncovered and treated through a wide variety of options including IV therapy, detoxification, hormone replacement therapy and regenerative medicine with the support of board certified doctors specializing in Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Obesity Medicine.

In this episode you’ll learn all about the following:

  • What exactly is metabolic syndrome?
  • Is metabolic syndrome reversible?
  • What clues should you look at in your bloodwork to tell you you’re on an unhealthy path?
  • What habits can you incorporate right now to reverse metabolic syndrome?

And so much more!

YouTube video

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