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Be tested for the 70 most common environmental and 8 most common food allergens. The test will take about two minutes to apply to your back using plastic applicators. You will know what you are allergic to in just 15 minutes. Based on the results, your doctor will discuss your treatment plan before you leave the office.

What should I expect during the test?

A clinic staff member will clean the skin testing area with an alcohol pad. When the test is applied to your skin, you will feel slight pressure from the applicator prongs. It will take approximately two minutes to apply the entire test. It will take 15 minutes, after the application of the test, for the results. During this time you will be either lying on your stomach or sitting with the testing area exposed.

How will it feel?

There is slight pressure from the applicators and the test is designed to scratch/prick the first layer of skin. As the test develops, you may experience a temporary itching or a tingling sensation similar to a mosquito bite. What happens after the test? After the results are documented, a clinic staff member will wipe off the antigens with alcohol and the itching sensation will start to subside. The marks from the test may remain visible for up to 48 hours. If necessary, you may be offered an antihistamine and/or an anti-itching cream.

How soon will I receive my results?

Your provider will review the results of the allergy test and discuss your treatment options. Together you and your provider will determine the best course of treatment.

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