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Boost energy production, adrenal support, & improve chronic fatigue syndrome




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Energy IV Therapy

Feeling tired and sluggish? Re-energize your body with NutriMD Energy IV, perfectly mixed with B-Vitamins and Multi Minerals to boost energy production, improve chronic fatigue syndrome, and support adrenal fatigue.

Who needs it: Everyone! Especially, anyone who’s suffering from chronic fatigue and pain syndrome, MTHFR gene mutation.

How often to infuse: One or twice a week infusion for a course of 12 session is recommended

  • High dose and max dose require lab work.
  • Key Ingredients: B-Vitamins & Minerals
  • Initial consultation is required for all new customers.

At Home IV Drips

Boost Energy, strengthen immunity and recover fast with See Beyond Medicine at home service in New York City and Westchester area. 

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