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Functional Medicine Memberships

Getting healthy is never a race, it's a marathon.

There is usually no “quick fix” or “magic pill” that will truly let your body heal from the inside, out. That’s why our membership models work best to give your body the time it needs to get answers and take action to better health.

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We offer functional medicine programs for everyone because functional medicine is not a “one size fits all” approach and when we work with you, we are on this journey together for the long haul to create a personalized treatment plan.

Most Popular

Concierge MD

I want a functional medicine practitioner, unlimited access to my providers and no limit on functional medicine testing.

$12,000 /yr
or $750 + $1,050/mo

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  • Unlimited 24/7 Access Providers Cell/Text
  • Wellness Nutrition
  • All Functional Medicine Testing
  • Annual Physical Exam / EKG
  • Electronic Stimulation Sessions & InBody
  • 20% Discount for Supplements
  • 20% Discount for Wellness Treatments

Holistic Primary Care

I want to see an Integrative Medicine Practitioner. I am healthy, need routine check-ups and want monthly nutritional support.

$5,700 /yr
or $750 + $500/mo

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  • 10-12 visits a year
  • Up to 12 visits of wellness nutrition
  • Annual Physical Check Up / EKG
  • 1 Functional Medicine Blood Panel per Year
  • Electronic Stimulation Sessions & InBody
  • 15% Discount Functional Medicine Testing
  • 15% Discount for Supplements
  • 15% Discount for Wellness Treatments

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